Welcome to the Australian Asian Herbs in Space website

It is a simplified experiment program that is ideal for introducing beginners to the “Kibo” experiments. The design of the experiment minimises expense, resources and saves time. In the AHiS experiment, sweet basil and holy basil are grown in the International Space Station (ISS) for one month. After growing the basil plants on the ISS, the experiment will be returned to Earth and undergo detailed investigations such as morphological, scent and gene expression analysis.

Investigate the effect of microgravity on plant growth in comparison to their counterparts on earth.

Encourage scientific research between students, schools, universities, and space agencies across the world.

Promote environmental and microgravity science.

Develop interest and skills in scientific space experiments and methodology.

Inspire further research both nationally and internationally.


The target audience is from preschool to university researchers, including school and community groups. Primary school students may wish to carry out simple observation experiments whilst others may complete more complex and detailed experiments.