How it works:

  • The Tulsi Project is a global program that involves 11 countries.
  • Each country will choose 6 teams to be part of the program.
  • These 6 teams will be matched with a team from 6 other countries.
  • For example, an Australian team will be matched with a team from Bangladesh.
  • Another Australian team will be matched with a team from New Zealand.
  • This will mean that the 6 Australian teams will be matched with 6 different countries.
  • This will happen for all countries involved – 6 teams and links to 6 other countries.


To grow, and observe, the development of holy basil (ocimum sanctum) seeds on Earth so that they can be compared with the growth of the holy basil (ocimum sanctum) seeds that were grown on the International Space Station.

To grow and record observations of a group of holy basil (ocimum sanctum) seeds in different locations with two different growing mediums on Earth and compare the results.

To design and rig up a soil moisture detector so that it can give a reading and if it falls below its time to water.

To collaborate with a group from another country on an agriculture project that has a space focus.

To facilitate groups from two completely different areas in the world to work together, share their respective expertise and gain insights from each other.

To build confidence, strengthen space education networks and showcase the project on a professional global stage (ie APRSF).

To gain insights into each other’s cultures, promoting diversity and cultural understanding.

Successful collaboration between like-minded global space industry and education partners to showcase to the world how we can work together to solve the problems worth solving.

All teams will have a membership log in and profiles on this website.

Pairs of teams will work together to grow holy basil in their location and compare their results.

There is a basic experiment in the guidebook and teams are encouraged to create more complex experiments by collaborating.

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